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We're stayin in, makin pizza at home and chillin for a few days. We'll update everyone on our next service date asap... https://t.co/eIzTmsqsCL

Cheesesteak Sandwich- Ribeye steak, green pepper, onion, provolone, white american, on fresh baked french bread

We have the best cheesesteak outside of Philly, and our customes agree. Come see why it's such a big… https://t.co/TP8iBjXmfo

Weekly Schedule-

*Wednesday 3/4-
Cannonball Creek Brewing 3-9pm
*Thursday 3/5-
Declaration Brewing 3-8pm
*Friday 3/6-
Corporate Lunch 11-1pm
Next Stop Brew Co… https://t.co/jp6FtxB9cH

The White pie is absolutely incredible, and has quickly become our most popular slice. Try one this week at...

Wednesday 2/26-
Mountain Toad Brewing 4-9pm

Thursday 2/27-
DTC Corporate Lunch… https://t.co/Twe1HroavD

Golden, crispy, delicious frys. Get some this week at... Wednesday 2/19-
CDOT corporate lunch 11-1:15
Thursday 2/20-
Declaration Brewing 3-8pm
Friday 2/21-
Saturday 2/22-
Prost Brewing… https://t.co/kBEPHulEsG

Chicken tenders and frys. Ya, we do these too, and they're amazing!
Weekly Schedule-
Wednesday 2/12-
Panorama Corporate Center Lunch 11-1:30pm
Mountain Toad Brewing

Thursday 2/13-
DTC corporate… https://t.co/kdRAW9AUmA

Best wings in Denver!Seasoned. Baked. Deep fried to order. Sauce optional. Come try some this week...

Wednesday 2/5-
CDOT Corporate Lunch

Friday 2/7-
Resolute Brewing Centennial

Saturday-… https://t.co/PjRquo4hTb

Happy New Year! Thank you to all that have supported us in our first 2 years of business. Our first gig for 2020 will be at Denver Beer Co. this Saturday the 4th from noon-9pm.
Cheers to year number 3! @ Denver… https://t.co/57ajPC79nh

Weekly Schedule-
**Today Tuesday 12/10-
Cannonball Creek Brewing 3-9pm
**Wednesday 12/11-
Prost Brewing 3-9
**Friday 12/12-
CDOT Lunch 11-1:30
**Saturday 12/13-
Declaration Brewing… https://t.co/niOyppV0OQ

Weekly Schedule-

Today Tuesday 12/3-
Declaration Brewing 3-9pm

Wednesday 12/4-
CDOT Lunch 11-2pm
Mountain Toad Brewing 3-9pm

Friday 12/6-
Resolute Brewing… https://t.co/46pxKDIbpQ

Weekly Schedule-
Thursday 11/7-
Corporate Lunch DTC 11-2

Friday 11/8-
Mountain Toad Brewing 1-9pm

Saturday 11/9
Mockery Brewing 1-9pm

#stonebakedamilehigh #pizzafoodtruck… https://t.co/il4TfhoyRn

Weekly Schedule-

Tuesday 10/8-
Civic Center Eats 11-2pm
Cannonball Creek Brewing 3-9pm @cannonballcreek

Thursday 10/10-
DTC Corporate Lunch

Friday 10/11-
Mockery Brewing 3-9pm

Saturday… https://t.co/5AeCXH9KLx

Weekly schedule-

Tuesday 10/1-
Cannonball Creek Brewing 3-9pm

Thursday 10/3-
Rails End Brewing 3-9pm

Friday- 10/4-
Mockery Brewing 3-9pm
@mockerybrewing https://t.co/ecSXKtqch1

The Cucumber Tomato salad has sold out on its first two days on the menu. We're going to be making a lot of it for this weeks busy schedule.

Tuesday 9/10-
Civic Center Eats 11-2pm
Declaration Brewing… https://t.co/gdlacSyEAA

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